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DAISHA, A New Dawn: Everything you need to know about Daisha and how it works

DAISHA, A New Dawn: Everything you need to know about Daisha and how it works

Many continue to venture and invest in real estate, and it’s no surprise that rental properties are making a killing. With the boom of rental properties and spaces, it is indeed a new dawn, especially in the Kenyan industry, with Daisha.

You may be wondering, what is Daisha? Who is allowed to enlist on the platform? Are there any charges? What are the benefits of listing? Well, to answer these and all of your questions related to Daisha, this blog article is for you! Read on.

What is Daisha?

Daisha is an online marketplace that connects people who wish to rent out their spaces with those looking for services in various locales. It is a one-of-a-kind Kenyan-based venue and asset rental company that allows a guest to book and hire a space, venue, or a prop depending on their needs.

The Daisha rental website comes in handy for those looking for venues, spaces, and props for hosting getaways, weddings, photoshoots, apartments, camping, parties, events and so much more!

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How does Daisha work?

Daisha is revolutionizing the hospitality and real estate industries. With venues in all 47 counties of Kenya (and soon to expand), Daisha gives a chance for hosts and guests to interact with each other faster, easier, and smoother than ever before.

To make a booking on Daisha, you generally need to take the following steps:

  1. Open the Daisha website.
  2. Log in or create an account if you don’t have an account yet. Signing up is easy as it requires you to fill out your username, and email address, and then set up a password. Afterward, choose whether you are looking to book or rent out your property and agree to the terms and conditions. That’s it! You have now signed up on Daisha!
  3. If you are a guest, you can conveniently browse through the available spaces, locales, and props. Specify the location and for what event you would like a venue using the site’s various filters to customize your search. Once you find your ideal accommodation space, make a booking or reserve it.
  4.  Payment for the accommodation, prop, or space is done after the hosts accept your booking and you receive a notification, including the address of the location.


Daisha prices

In most cases, the spaces, rentals, and props that are listed on Daisha are relatively cheaper than hotels or Airbnb. This is because most hosts don’t add overhead costs during your stay, as is the opposite when booking a hotel room.

The price quotation is in United States Dollar (USD) and Kenyan shillings (Ksh) currency. Depending on what rental space or prop you are looking for, the price ranges from as low as 30 USD for an apartment if you are in Nairobi. The fees can escalate to higher prices depending on the venue, occasion, and if you are a super host, especially in the tourist destination locales.

To find the cheapest space, scroll through all pages of the available rentals shared at the selected location and choose the one within your budget.


How does Daisha make money?

Daisha operates on a very profitable business model. Like Uber, it operates in a sharing economy.

Once a reservation is made, Daisha takes a cut, and as a host you’re paid within 14 days.


How it works

Just Daisha! Join the next big thing in Kenya.

If you are a host and would like to enlist your property, simply login into our website, click the “List on Daisha or “Submit a property” icon and fill out all the necessary details. Information such as the category of your business, location, listing price,amenities offered, images, detailed information, etc.

After you are all signed in, ensure you respond to clients within 24 hours and accept all reservations promptly.

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