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How to start listing on DAISHA! Create a space/venue.

Like all industries, there’s a lot to learn. Nobody’s born knowing how to start a venue rental business, but we’re here to help. In this blog post,

we’ll discuss how you can start your own space and venue rental business. We’ll break it down to help you understand the benefits of getting in on this growing industry. Plus, we’ll offer tips for what to do before you start a company and tips for what to do once you get started.

*Note that the information provided is not specific to one country or region alone, so please consult with your local government beforehand if contemplating starting a space and venue rental business in your locality*

First, you need to know what kind of venue you want to create. You want to create a venue that is uniquely yours and your brand. This will mean utilizing your target market to drive the business, as well as your character, personality, style, and vibe. A lot of it will depend on what you want the venue to be. Are you after a photography studio? A videography studio, A music studio? A coffee shop? A pub? An evening party space? A sports bar? The ideas are endless. The main thought behind this is that there are different types of venues that suit different needs, but each presents a unique opportunity in terms of the type of business you can create.

The location of the space or venue is also very important. First, you need to find the actual building, venue, or space you want to turn into a creative spot or venue. Does it have the potential to become what you need, what you picture? Other considerations are parking, access, availability of amenities and facilities, and capacity. Next is expected expenses. electricity, rent, water, etc. Unfortunately for some, yes, math has to be done. The main aim is to Minimize cost and maximize profit. Responsibilities, like cleaning, security, and providing necessary appliances based on your expected clientele. Then you need to Legalize which includes government, tax, COVID-19 compliance, and such depending on your respective state regulations.

Overall Design, be creative, envision, for some make it Instagramable. Test it. Try it yourself before you take it to the market. Marketing then comes in. The better the strategy the more the clients. List on DAISHA! Sit back and watch your space make money for you.

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